The network of Concord Consulting staff and fellows was established by Kristoffer Nilaus Tarp – a native Dane with the world as his workplace. Since the begining of 2020, Concord Consulting has also comprised Concord Sustainability dedicated to helping organisations accelerate their sustainable tranformation. Kristoffer is a think tank resident, an independent advisor, a certified project manager and an international affairs professional with a strong background in multi-partner fund management; process management; strategic program development; monitoring and evaluation; use of country systems; conflict analysis and peacebuilding programming; multi-stakeholder and civil society engagement; capacity development; good governance; evaluations and reviews; program management; and research and analysis.

Having moved from management consulting into the international relations domain – increasingly with a focus on ensuring a more sustainable world, Kristoffer understands both the importance of politics and processes – and the need to deliver high-quality tangible outcomes and actionable recommendations within a given timeframe. Kristoffer has managed staff and teams in both line and matrix organisations while ensuring both excellent performance and a pleasant working environment where people have grown personally and professionally.


Concord was founded as a platform for outstanding independent advisors, consultants and analysts to come together when their collective skills and experiences can help support efforts to sustain peace and enable recovery and development in fragile and conflict-affected settings. You can also visit Concord Sustainability, which is a part of Concord Consulting.

Concord is the partner governments, civil society, academia, multilateral organisations and private corporations can turn to when they need to respond to a challenge that requires a truly fit-for-purpose team of experts and advisors.


  • Have had fingerprints on a number of global reform processes and high-level visioning, strategizing and planning exercises
  • Are trusted advisors to key decision-makers in the civilian, military and political domain across the world
  • Have run numerous complex and multifaceted projects with an outstanding track record and remarkable references
  • Are comfortable manoeuvring in complex political environments and challenging cultural contexts
  • Have suported sustainable business development for a range of Danish companies