Quality and bottom-line impact

Concord Consulting has a competitive edge through its large and diverse team of specialists. This allows Concord Consulting to hand-pick experts and tailor the best team specifically to every assignment. Our unique model ensures that all the needs of our clients are served and that every task is carried out by those with the largest intellectual and practical capacity to fulfil it. The results are tangible products and specific advice that can be turned into concrete actions and create actual value and impact. We are accountable for the quality of our products, and engage in extensive dialogue with everyone involved with us, both throughout and after the project phase.

Data protection and management

In our age, there are more opportunities for data collection than ever before. With these opportunities, the importance of responsible data practices is more important than ever. Concord Consulting treats collected data with respect, and ensures that the interests and rights of both our costumers and respondents are maintained. All data that we collect is stored on secure servers to protect everyone we are involved with. Access to data is restricted and protected as well as possible from any form of unwanted intrusion. We make sure to store our collected data, making it possible to always go back to data and source materials and revise.


Concord Consulting do not share anything without clear permission from our customers. Different costumers have different requirements. In some cases, upon the wishes of our customers, documents are public, whereas in other cases they are confidential. Concord Consulting guarantees absolute confidentiality, and we will only share content upon consent from our interlocutors and costumers. Informants, if necessary, will be anonymous and will protected under all circumstances.

Research Ethics

Field research comes at a price. If ethics is not a concern of a researcher, the principle of “do no harm” can be jeopardised. When doing field research analysis, Concord consultants therefore always ask themselves the hard questions of whose interests might be served. We carefully assess potentially conflicting interests and strive for impartiality.  In order to get a balanced view, and to reduce the negative effects from competing ethical obligations, we attempt our best to reach those that are hardest to reach. This includes the most marginalised groups in society.  We also engage individuals and communities with dignity and in ways that are culturally sensitive. We do not jeopardize informants and never use informants without informed consent and clear permission. Furthermore, we are always looking for local partners, and we always seek to integrate capacity development into our work.

Concord’s values:

In Concord Consulting we adhere to the principles of the United Nations Charter. Our mission is to work towards peaceful, prosperous and inclusive societies and we aim to contribute to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. Our area of expertise, however, is within SDG 16.

At Concord Consulting we follow a number of core principles:

  • Generate the knowledge needed to achieve positive results and to avoid doing harm
  • Acknowledge the experiences, interests, preferences, perspectives and world views of individuals, groups and institutions including those on the fringes of the mainstream
  • Focus on developing the capacity of local partners and stakeholders as sustainable solutions must be locally developed and owned
  • Believe that combining research and academic analysis with practical project implementation is of benefit to both domains
  • Find that presenting, communicating, and disseminating knowledge in innovative and accessible ways is as important as generating it
  • Invest in the power of interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial partnerships and dialogue – if to a hammer every problem looks like a nail, we need to put the full toolbox to work
  • Trust that happy people are also productive and innovative people