Concord combines high-level analytical work for think tanks and policy development work for multilateral and bilateral partners with practical process management, multi-stakeholder engagements and report drafting. For every assignment, Concord puts together a team tailored to that specific project drawing on the most globalized workforce imaginable. Team members are picked exclusively because of their skills and experiences – teams never consist of those that happen to be available. Concord’s strong links to academia ensures the inclusion of an often untapped resource and effectively bridges the practitioner-academia divide. Concord gathers international affairs professionals with robust backgrounds in strategic project and program development and design, as well as appraisals, monitoring, evaluation and reviews drawing on a broad thematic toolbox.


Accountable and transparent

Concord Consulting operates with a strict non-tolerance towards corruption. Besides adhering in full to national (Danish) legislation,  Concord Consulting abides entirely by United Nations System and European Union policies on Fraud and Ethics. Whereever and whenever possible, Concord Consulting seeks to empower citizens and civil society to demand accountability and transparency from those in and with power.


  • Conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding analysis and programming
  • Dialogue and reconciliation processes
  • Peacekeeping and peace operations
  • Humanitarian responses and mechanisms
  • Good governance and the Rule of Law
  • Security Sector Reform and international humanitarian law
  • Human rights and protection
  • Public financial management and civil service reform
  • Protracted crisis and settlement and humanitarian to development transitions


  • Capacity assessments and development
  • Conflict, situation and political economy analysis
  • Policy and concept development
  • Civil society engagement and strengthening
  • Designing and managing multi-stakeholder processes
  • Engaging marginalized groups
  • Analysis; planning; strategy and program development and appraisal
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment
  • Curriculum development and training