Concord Consulting is an independent consulting and advisory enterprise based in Copenhagen and New York City with fellows in nearly every corner of the world specializing in supporting efforts to sustain peace and enable recovery and development in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

Concord Consulting is always looking for associated fellows who are interested in working on assignments for a broad range of clients and partners with a group of outstanding colleagues. Concord fellows are thought leaders in their fields and can deliver world-class analysis and advice.

Concord staff and fellows are consultants, advisers, experts and academics from around the world, come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds and bring a variety of experiences, skills, approaches and competencies to the table. Common for them all is that they have all been handpicked by Concord based on personal experiences with their work, documented past performance and exceptionally positive reviews from partners and clients. Concord fellows should ideally be recommended by Concord’s existing fellows or clients but unsolicited applications are also welcomed.

The idea behind Concord Consulting is that associated fellows can keep working on individual consultancies or as part of other organisations and in academia (i.e. being associated with Concord does not exclude pursuing opportunities elsewhere). However, when and if convenient, Concord will put together a tailored team for a specific assignment. All associates are free to turn down any offer to join the submittal of a proposal or an actual assignment and also to propose assignments or tender processes they find relevant. Concord Consulting does not have a large group of permanent staff that it needs to keep busy. Every team is put together so it fits the assignment perfectly and Concord teams are thus the elite forces of international affairs consulting.

Being a Concord fellow means being featured on the website and being in the small pool of consultants, advisors and academics considered for assignments on an on-going basis. Concord Consulting is invited directly to work on assignments, monitors a range of tender platforms and other sources of information relating to institutional bidding opportunities and maintains strong and close working relations with relevant staff in ministries of foreign affairs and defense, development organizations, civil society organizations, multilateral agencies et cetera at country and HQ levels around the world.


Concord Consulting is always looking for interns who are interested in working on assignments for a broad range of clients and partners with a group of outstanding colleagues as well as helping out managing a growing network of outstanding Concord fellows.

Interns at Concord Consulting will contribute to literature reviews, stakeholder interviews, report drafting and also to the day-to-day management of the company including proposal writing and business development.

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“My internship at Concord Consulting exposed me to a range of extremely interesting tasks and responsibilities and my professional skills were developed beyond my wildest expectations. I enjoyed working as an integral part of the team on projects that quite frankly do make the world a better place.”

Carina Paju

Past Intern, University of Copenhagen