Concord Consulting is taking its baby steps these weeks with on-going improvements to the website, a growing network of expert advisors and consultant (fellows) and a steady flow of interesting assignments implemented around the world. On this cheerful occasion let me explain more about the background for establishing Concord Consulting.

Having worked with advisory and consulting work for more than a decade either as someone recruiting or managing consultants or as a consultant myself, I carry with me a lengthy mental “black book” of people who have never seized to impress me with their innovative approaches to addressing key international relations issues and delivering analysis, policy development, programming, evaluations etc. of an outstanding quality. These individuals come from all walks of life, professional backgrounds and geographical locations. Common for them all is that they live and breathe the desire to support positive change for those most in need of it.

While being though leaders in their respective field, many of these experts nonetheless mostly work as individual consultants often on shorter-term assignments. In my view, this has always been a huge missed opportunity. We all know what happens when you put brainy people in the same room – they persistently prove that their brain trust far exceeds their individual skills and capacities. At the same time, finding the time and resources to gather a team and draft lengthy proposals for larger and longer-term assignments is hard as an individual consultant.

We hope and believe that Concord Consulting will help square this circle by bringing outstanding individuals together in collective efforts to address pressing issues for a broad range of clients in the international relations domain.