In establishing Concord Consulting we have of course been thinking about what really sets us aside – both internally and in the eyes of the world. One thing that we have zoomed in on is the ethical and principled approach we wish to apply to any assignment and in any relation – internally as well as externally.

Working in countries that are faced with fragility and conflict is meaningful and rewarding but also immensely challenging. Every aspect of societal transformation – including seemingly technical aspects – are politically charged and require competent navigation and a genuine desire to understand each individual’s and institution’s unique perspectives. Further, the world of technical assistance has a flawed history and remains full of pitfalls and risks – of achieving nothing or at worst of doing harm. Therefore, Concord staffs and fellows work with our partners adhering to a set of core principles. Put in a few bullets we strive to:

  • Generate the knowledge we need to achieve positive results and do no harm
  • Acknowledge the experiences, interests, preferences, perspectives and world views of individuals and institutions including groups on the fringes of the mainstream
  • Focus on developing the capacity of local partners and stakeholders – durable solutions are locally owned and sustained
  • Believe that combining research and academic analysis with practical project implementation is of mutual benefit
  • Find that presenting, communicating, and disseminating knowledge in innovative and accessible ways is as important as generating it
  • Invest in the power of interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial partnerships and dialogue – if to a hammer every problem looks like a nail, we need to put the full toolbox to work
  • Trust that happy people are also productive and innovative people

While these principles will always guide our work, we will also start developing specific methodologies and tools that can make it easier to actually deliver on these lofty aspirations. We will keep you posted through this website and social media on these exciting plans.