Dr. Akil N. Awan is Associate Professor in Modern History, Political Violence and Terrorism at Royal Holloway, University of London. His research interests are focused around the history of terrorism, radicalization, social movements, protest, and new media. He has written widely in these areas, both academically and in the popular press. Dr Awan is also regularly consulted by government bodies, think-tanks, media and other organizations in his fields of expertise, and has served in an advisory capacity to the United Nations, UNDP, UK Home Office, the Foreign Office, the US State department, the US Military, Council of Europe, and the OSCE amongst others. Most recently, he served as special advisor on Radicalization to the UK Parliament; as academic expert on Genocide to the UK House of Lords delegation to Srebrenica; and as expert advisor on Youth Radicalisation to the UN. He is Founder and Chair of the Political Science Association’s Specialist Group on Political Violence and Terrorism. His books include Radicalisation and Media: Terrorism and Connectivity in the New Media Ecology (2011, Routledge), and Jihadism Transformed: al-Qaeda and Islamic State’s Global Battle of Ideas (2016, Hurst/Oxford University Press).

Akil Awan has extensive experience in working in: France, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Syrian Arab Republic, and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Major areas of expertise include: Analysis and research, Civil society engagement and strengthening, and Engaging marginalized groups