Camilla Lai is a human rights international lawyer, university professor and consultant with more than 15 years experience in capacity building for sustainable development.

She sharpened her global skills by acquiring a full rounded career working in academia, the United Nations, journalism, research and management, with long-term residential assignments in the Middle East, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States.

She is skilled at bridging complex communication gaps with the right balance of multicultural sensitivity, innovative communication, sound judgment and strategic business sense. She is committed to contributing her expertise in gender equality and resilience, human rights as related to migration issues especially, the rule of law and program development worldwide.

Ms. Lai worked closely with senior attorneys and communication specialists, while in New York and at the United Nations she mastered a multi-cultured approach, international expertise and efficiency. She researched and wrote independently for over 15 years on human rights issues in the South of the world. In Beirut and Amman she advised the Ministries of Justice on a re-draft of juvenile justice legislation to conform with international standards on human rights. She established regular excursions to the Italian Juvenile Justice detention center of Nisida (Naples).

She holds a degree in International Jurisprudence from La Sapienza University of Rome, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from John Cabot University (Rome/Ohio), and a Bachelor of Law (LLM) in Law and International Studies from Coventry, U.K. She was admitted to the New York Law School.

Those who worked with her say she “embraces new challenges with enthusiasm, flexibility and energy”.


Camilla Lai has extensive experience in working in: Egypt, EU, Italy, Lebanon, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and United States of America. Major areas of expertise include: Analysis and research, Capacity assessments and development, Designing and managing multi-stakeholder processes, Good governance and the Rule of Law, Human rights and protection, Planning, strategy, programming and project development, Security sector reform and international humanitarian law, and Sustainable development