Jonathan is a senior expert in international law and policy relating to armed conflict and fragile environments, with specialisation in international humanitarian, human rights & criminal law and counter-terrorism. He has designed and implemented innovative protection of civilian programmes and has strategic vision and proven track record developing, leading and contributing to expert global legal and policy processes aimed at improving respect of human rights/humanitarian norms. Jonathan is a successful advocate at the international level (Geneva and New York) and an expert of high-level and grass roots mediation/negotiation. In addition, he has a strong background creating/delivering training programs for professionals, students and armed actors, and has acquired excellent research and analytical skills with output of academic and policy publications.

Jonathan Somer has extensive experience in working in: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Central African Republic, Colombia, Denmark, Iraq, Israel, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Myanmar, Palestine, Philippines, Slovakia, Sudan, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Thailand, and Turkey. Major areas of expertise include: Capacity assessments and development, Conflict, situation and political economy analysis, Planning, strategy and programming, and Policy development