Officially a political economist, Matt Geddes specialises in aid management and aid data (including IATI) as well as working on issues of debt, budgets, transparency, local service delivery, and public financial management more generally.

Matt typically works embedded within and alongside counterparts from aid recipient governments and has recent experience in several fragile states (South Sudan, Somalia/Somaliland and Sierra Leone), as well as in Mozambique and Bangladesh on behalf of funders including DfID, the EU, the World Bank and UNDP. Previously, Matt worked as a UK based researcher for the Overseas Development Institute, for a UK Development NGO and the University of Warwick.

Matt Geddes has extensive experience in working in: Bangladesh, Ghana, Laos, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, and Vietnam. Major areas of expertise include: Analysis & research, Capacity assessments and development, and Planning, strategy and programming