Officially a political economist, Matt Geddes specialises in aid management, aid data (including IATI), and aid-budget integration as well as working on issues of debt, budgets, transparency, local service delivery, and governance/PFM processes more generally.

Matt typically works embedded within and alongside counterparts from aid recipient governments and has recent experience in several fragile states (South Sudan, Somalia/Somaliland and Sierra Leone), as well as in Mozambique and Bangladesh on behalf of funders including DfID, the EU, the World Bank and UNDP.

Previously, Matt worked as a UK based researcher for the Overseas Development Institute, for a UK Development NGO and the University of Warwick.

Matt also maintains a keen interest in development IT systems and co-founded a Sierra Leone / Kenyan company developing IT solutions for cash-transfer programmes which integrate with mobile app based data collection tools and make payments through mobile money providers.


Matthew Geddes has extensive experience in working in: Bangladesh, Germany, Ghana, Laos, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Somaliland, South Africa, South Sudan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Vietnam. Major areas of expertise include: Analysis and research, Conflict, situation and political economy analysis, Humanitarian responses, mechanisms and programmes, Monotoring, evalution and impact assessment, Public financial management and civil service reform, and Sustainable development