Neda’s professional work experience includes 10 years in diplomacy, international and public relations and development, building partnerships and mobilizing resources, outreach and strategic planning, providing technical and policy support, coordination and liaison, to assist and advise senior management teams and government officials in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Central Asia and the United States. Nada has also been involved in voluntary work for close to two decades, both through direct engagement as well as donations.

Neda Mansouri has extensive experience in working in: Afghanistan, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Iran, Kenya, Lebanon, South Sudan, Sudan, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda, and United States of America. Major areas of expertise include: Analysis and research, Capacity assessments and development, Designing and managing multi-stakeholder processes, Disaster response and resilience-building operations, Monotoring, evalution and impact assessment, Peace-building, peace operations and conflict sensitivity, Planning, strategy, programming and project development, Policy and concept development, and Strategic reviews