Concord staff and fellows come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds and bring a variety of experiences, skills, approaches and competencies to the table. Common for them all is that they have been handpicked by Concord based on personal experiences with their work, documented past performance and exceptionally positive reviews from partners and clients. Concord maintains a network of outstanding advisors, consultants and analysts around the world from which a team can be assembled to work on almost every imaginable assignment aimed at supporting efforts to sustain peace and enable recovery and development in fragile and conflict-affected settings.


Core Staff

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Elisa is a recent graduate of Sciences Po's Paris School of International Affairs with a Master in International Development.

Managing director and initiator of Concord Consulting. International affairs advisor, senior analyst and occasional talking head.


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Capacity assessments and development ()
Civil society engagement and strengthening ()
Conflict, situation and political economy analysis ()
Curriculum development and training ()
Designing and managing multi-stakeholder processes ()
Dialogue and reconciliation processes ()
Disaster response and resilience-building operations ()
Engaging marginalized groups ()
Good governance and the Rule of Law ()
Human rights and protection ()
Humanitarian responses, mechanisms and programmes ()
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Monotoring, evalution and impact assessment ()
partnership analysis and project design ()
partnership analysis and project design. ()
Peace-building, peace operations and conflict sensitivity ()
Planning, strategy, programming and project development ()
Policy and concept development ()
Protracted crisis and humanitarian to development transitions ()
Public financial management and civil service reform ()
Security sector reform and international humanitarian law ()
Strategic reviews ()
Sustainable development ()
value chain analysis ()
Violence prevention and reduction ()

Highly qualified director, consultant, adviser and trainer

Development economist with more than eight years of experience in academics and research.

Program manager. Iraq and the Kurdish region civil society expert. Conflict transformation and democratization specialist.

Columnist, editor and researcher. Expert on global CVE policy and challenges, radicalisation and terrorism.

Executive Director of Samir Kassir Foundation – SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom. Extensive experience working in Lebanon, Amman, Palestine and Syria.

International human rights lawyer expert in communication, research and program management for migration, gender equality and sustainable development.

Carlos Centeno is an independent consultant. He specializes in Humanitarian Innovation, Project Design, Post-Disaster Resilience Building Operations, Strategic Reviews

Research Associate and independent consultant. Specialist in governance, rights and gender in fragile states. 15 years of research and policy analysis. Extensive field experience in Asia, Africa and MENA.

Expert in international humanitarian and human rights law.

Assistant professor of international development. Expert on management and public administration in the developing world.

Applied anthropologist; research, analysis and policy development. Expertise on conflict analysis, conflict management and peacebuilding; forced migration, refugee-host community relations.

Ph.D. In psychology. Executive director of Neem foundation, Nigeria. Expert on preventing violent extremism.

Vice-Chairman of the regional chapter of the Danish UN Association, lecturer and consultant. Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. Extensive experience working for the UN in Asia, Africa, Middle-East, America and Europe.

Major. General. Former NATO commander. Advisor to the Danish ministry of defence. Expert on technology and innovation in UN peacekeeping.

Leadership and management consultant. Expert on health and education in Africa.

Research and policy analyst. Expertise on youth peacebuilding and child protection in transitional and fragile states.

Rotary Peace Fellow and MSSc in Peace and Conflict Studies graduate, passionate about providing technical support to peacebuilding and stabilization initiatives.

Researcher and executive director for the platform for dialogue and peace. Expert on land issues, peacebuilding and epidemic responses.

Child protection consultant. Thirty years of experience working in child protection, development and humanitarian relief in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.

Peacebuilding researcher. Expert on conflict prevention, diplomacy, policy advocacy and conflict-sensitive business practice.

Journalist, editor and director of africaonair. Expert on African media and culture in relation to security and development.

Independent governance consultant advising on stabilisation and growth strategies in transition contexts.

Senior consultant on policy and programme development, conflict-sensitivity and peacebuilding.

International peacebuilding professional. Human rights, rule of law, democratic governance, peacebuilding, mediation and gender equality expert.

Expert on development cooperation, evaluation, displacement and humanitarian assistance in fragile states.

Major General. Advisor on military affairs. Former UN force commander and Snr. NATO officer. Military capacity dev. expert.

Mandipa is an international development practitioner with a comprehensive range of skills acquired from having worked for the Botswana Government, the non-profit sector, and the United Nations.

United Nations Expert - Humanitarian, Peacekeeping, Development and Political expertise in HQ's and in conflict/post-conflict contexts (Latin America and Africa).

Expert, intellectual entrepreneur and technical expert on methodology and governance measurements.

Senior Public Policy and Communications Consultant with extensive experience in public policy, economic and political analysis

Political economist specialised in aid management, data and budget integration, transparency and governance processes.

Natalia Mirimanova is a conflict resolution scholar-practitioner and consultant with the UN, OSCE and other international organisations in the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Western Balkans, and Cyprus.

Senior Policy Advisor and independent consultant. Specialist in violence, conflict, fragile states and peace-building.

Advisor and editor with ICAN and WASL. Expert on Egypt and political dynamics in the Middle East.

M&E Advisor, focussed on Third Party Monitoring and Theory of Change development.

Experienced human rights advisor with a strong background in international security.

Senior economist and consultant. Research and practical advisory work on public financial management and governance.

Published researcher. Expert on natural resources, peace-building, and governance in West Africa.

Senior analyst and expert on peace and development. Thought leader on fragility and the peacebuilding architecture.

Project management specialist with extensive experience in project design, planning and implementation support.

Senior advisor. Expert on cooperation between, with, and within fragile states. New deal specialist.

International affairs professional. Expert on conflict analysis and -transformation specialising in Myanmar.

Ph.D. in peace and conflict studies. Served as deputy chief of PEACE III and commissioner for TJRC in Kenya.

Researcher and journalist. Specialising in forced migration and human rights.