Our Projects

For every assignment, Concord puts together a team tailored to that specific project drawing on the most globalised workforce imaginable. Team members are picked exclusively because of their skills and experiences and teams never consist of those that happen to be available. Concord’s strong links to academia ensures the inclusion of an often untapped resource and effectively bridges the practitioner-academia divide.

Concord staff and fellows are culturally attuned problem-crunchers, strategic communicators and results-oriented strategists with extensive experience in research, analysis and policy development as well as overseeing large-scale programs and projects across scoping, analysis and research, budgeting and resource mobilization, multi-stakeholder engagement, planning, project design, implementation and risk management, as well as monitoring, evaluation, appraisals and reviews.

The collective of Concord staff and fellows have detailed knowledge and understanding of nearly every geographical context in the world. Further, whenever possible, Concord partners with local experts and analysts to ensure that contextual and grounded perspectives are brought to the table and inform Concord’s understanding, approach, delivery and definition of success in any given assignment.

Number of clients served by Concord Consulting Fellows


On time project delivery by Concord Consulting


Evaluation and Reviews

Concord staff and fellows wield significant experience with evaluating and reviewing programmes and policies. We do everything from impact assessments to reviews of small-scale programmes

Policy and Strategy

Concord Consulting wields seasoned expertise in strategic and policy advise to multilateral institutions, governments, businesses and international NGOs. In particular, we specialise in constructing strategic frameworks for engagements in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

Research and Analysis

Concord Consulting’s fellows are generators of new knowledge and original and specialised research. Concord fellows regularly contribute to research journals and reports, but we all value understanding, positive change and impact over literary legacy

Programme Development

Concord fellows have solid experience and track records in programme development for both governments, businesses, NGOs and multilateral institutions