Introducing Concord Consulting

Concord Consulting is an independent consulting and advisory enterprise based in Copenhagen and New York City with fellows in nearly every corner of the world specializing in supporting and evaluating efforts to sustain peace and enable humanitarian responses, recovery and development in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

Recently, we have launched Concord Sustainability, where you can read all about our sustainability services.

Concord staff and fellows are working with governments, civil society, academia and multilateral organisations,  and have impacted everything from global policy reform processes over government capacity to lead recovery processes to enhancing small-scale, local project implementation.

Concord staffs and fellows are culturally attuned problem-crunchers, strategic communicators and results-oriented strategists with extensive experience in overseeing large-scale programs and projects across scoping, analysis and research; budgeting and resource mobilization; multi-stakeholder engagement; planning, project design, implementation and risk management; as well as monitoring, evaluation, appraisals and reviews. Explore our services for further information on the skills, competencies and experiences of Concord’s expert advisors, consultants and researchers.

Our Values

Working in countries that are faced with fragility and conflict is meaningful and rewarding but also immensely challenging. Every aspect of societal transformation – including seemingly technical aspects – are politically charged and require competent navigation and a genuine desire to understand each individual’s and institution’s unique perspectives.

Further, the world of technical assistance has a flawed history and remains full of pitfalls and risks – of achieving nothing or at worst of doing harm. Therefore, Concord staff and fellows work with our partners adhering to a set of core principles.

At Concord Consulting, we:


ConcordPulse @ConcordPulse
Concord Consulting  @ConcordPulse
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Concord Consulting  @ConcordPulse
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Generate the knowledge needed to achieve positive results and to avoid doing harm

Acknowledge the experiences, interests, preferences, perspectives and world views of individuals, groups and institutions including those on the fringes of the mainstream

Focus on developing the capacity of local partners and stakeholders as sustainable solutions must be locally developed and owned

Believe that combining research and academic analysis with practical project implementation is of benefit to both domains

Find that presenting, communicating, and disseminating knowledge in innovative and accessible ways is as important as generating it

Invest in the power of interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial partnerships and dialogue – if to a hammer every problem looks like a nail, we need to put the full toolbox to work

Trust that happy people are also productive and innovative people